About us

Precise fittings, production with a tradition dating back to 1965.

Production – metal processing with machine particle removal is based on the newest generation CNC machine technology.

Groups of products;
- pipe couplers with cutting rings in compliance with DIN 2353 – as a base product, in stainless steel, carbon steel and brass,
- pipe couplers for wide use; threaded, welded and more,
Pipe threading is in compliance with the standards DIN 2999, ISO 228, NPT and others.

Pressure ratings from PN 10 – PN 64
- fitting for pipe crimping, especially from stainless steel,
- flanges according to standards EN, DIN, ANSI, SAE , SB,…
- fitting parts, including various parts according to sketches
- other parts directly related to joining pipes and making pipelines from kits, clamps, supports.

BIJUK HPC is an export oriented company, placing virtually 80% of all its products on the markets of EU and other countries. It is also present on the domestic market in all segments, particularly shipbuilding, and the processing, food, chemical and oil industries, directly or via service companies.
Our factory have five buildings: administration building, three production plants, 710 m2 each, and a warehouse of more than 600 m2. In this way, our basic product lines are always available for customers.