About us

About us

BIJUK HPC is an export oriented company, particularly focused on EU and other countries. It is present on the domestic market in virtually all segments, and especially in shipbuilding, and in the processing, food, chemical and oil industries, directly or via service companies. 



Projekt „UNAPRJEĐENJE POSLOVANJA TVRTKE BIJUK HPC d.o.o.“ sufinanciran je sredstvima iz Fonda za obnovu i razvoj grada Vukovara. »more

Cutting Ring Fittings

According to DIN EN ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353, in the materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and brass. Field of 6-42 mm, various forms;...»more

Thread Fittings

Thread Fittings for connecting pipe threads according to DIN 2999, for pipes to DIN 2462/2463 for lower pressures wide area of application....»more


All types of flanges according to DIN, ANSI, and others, especially in stainless steel (304,316,316 L, 316Ti) and steel.»more

Butterfly Valves

Waffer type, lug type, monoflange type, flanged type or double eccentric butterfly valves Nominal diameter: DN40 – DN600, larger...»more

Check Valves

Swing check valve short version, swing check valve short version with spring, flanged swing check valve, dual plate check valves... Nominal...»more


Low-pressure and high-pressure valves especially in stainless steel, ball valves, block valves, non-return valves, impurity filters...»more


Seamed and seamless pipes, metric and imperial measurements. Especially hydraulic pipes in stainless steel and steel.»more

Weld Fittings

Elbows, T-pieces, reduction and other types to be fitted to pipes by welding.»more

Food Industry Fittings

Everything for tubes in the food industry in compliance with DIN 11850; weld fittings, encircling couplers, valves, content gauges...»more

Hose Couplings

Crimp fittings for rubber and other types of hoses, for all types of pressure, especially in stainless steel.»more


Special types of couplers with a bend of 60°, and reducing standpipes and adapters for couplers with crimped hoses and other types...»more

Pressfitting Couplers

For low pressure pipelines, water, sewerage and air type media, joining by pressure/deformation of the edge using a seal - rubber ring....»more

Rapid Couplers

For the fast coupling of rubber and similar hoses, for low and high pressures, made in stainless steel, steel or brass.»more

Hydraulic Flexible Installations

For low, medium and high pressures; weaved in wire or textile, strengthened with one or more textile coatings, strengthened with one,...»more

Rigid Hydraulic Installations

Rigid hydraulic installations for various purposes: braking systems, cooling systems etc.; in the dimensions of the maximum diameter...»more