We offer the following services to provide our customers complete support in all areas of our production programme:

- machine pressing of cutting rings on short pipes (6–42 mm),

- production of non-standard couplers and other parts according to sketches or samples, machine particle separation technology,

- making rigid tube installations using cutting-edge technology on the machines with 7 axis of movement, possibilities to bend tubes, using mandrel, up to the maximum diameter of 30 mm. Bend Master MRV 30 offers the possibility of radius change, making multiple radiuses in 3D spaces. High productivity is achieved by automatic synchronisation of axis and work cycle optimisation. The IMS control manages head movements and seven axis and controls bend angle and plane rotations. The Bend Master MRV 30 is a sturdy but very flexible machine thanks to linear guides, brushless motors and robust mechanical structure. We also offer the services of bending up to the diameter of 300 mm,

- making flexible hydraulics installations on pressing machines of 137 to 350 tons; using the machines for peeling and cutting tubes, machine for pre-mounting cutting rings and washers, and the possibility of pressing hydraulics tubes up from DN5 (3/16") to DN50 (2") 6SP and the industrial tubes of 4". Each delivered product will be tested on the testing table of 2500 bars,

- advisory and technical support in the our fields of activity.

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